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Thank you .. great material
Kevin R
Nice website with helpful information.
Love your Supra dials.
Hello, I installed your gauge cluster on my Honda prelude 97/01 and I want to thank you for giving my car and my eyes new life. Some honda fans install the S20..
Nice to see you again! I really like your new quantity discount option. I hope you can add the facelift Supra to your offers. See you soon.
Einmal und nie wieder, erst wird man hingehalten und dann meldet man sich nicht mehr. Dank Paypal ist mein Geld wieder da!
Bmw e46 m3 Tachoscheiben Also ich würde sagen das bmw bei xtuners damals eingekauft hat , die Nummer stimmen überein mit den originalen Tachoscheiben und die..
amazing quality I am really very satisfied .the delivery was a bit long but it's worth it
Ivo Santos
Wonderful dials. It took some time, but it was worth the wait. I'm super satisfied with the product and i recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much and b..
A little bit longer to arrive, but when you see the final result it totaly worth it!!

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