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1. Orders & Production ( lead ) time

1.1 Many products from our catalog are usually NOT on stock. Stock items are our gauge needles illumination kits and power inverters.

1.2 Our dials are made to order. We provide information about the current lead time on the product pages. Custom work can require some extra time.

1.3 The production ( lead ) time can be extended if we have official holidays or bank holidays.

1.4 Only the graphic images ( Photoshop screenshots ), represent exact the item. All other images ( often images of the actual ( real life ) products ), are for illustration purpose only and can be a little bit different from the offered product. By default, You buy non plasma dials. Dials with electroluminescent illumination are not available for all vehicle models. If available, the electroluminescent illumination is optional and will cost extra money.

2. Order Statuses

Let us explain the different order statuses.

- pending - this is what you will see if you make the payment via bank wire transfer. You will see this order status until we get the money in our bank account. After we get the payment, the status will change to "processing order".

- processing order - this is what you see when you have completed your order and the payment was sent successfully. From this point, you have to check your Email, because we will contact you to discuss the order details.

- item in production - you will see this status after we confirm your order. The “Item in production” status means, that you can not cancel the order or change order details anymore. This status will not change during the specified lead time!

- item sent - this status means, that your package was picked up by the shipping company and they provided a valid tracking number, that you will get with the status update.

- order canceled - you have the option to cancel the order 48 hours after placing it. When we cancel your order this will be the final status.

- order denied - status "denied" means, that we can not produce or deliver the ordered items. You will receive an email with explanation why this is not possible. Your payment will be refunded.

3. Delivery company & service

3.1 We send all products from Bulgaria, European Union. We ship worldwide!

3.2 We work only with DHL. We use the EXPRESS service with "before 18:00 delivery" to your door.

3.3 DHL provides full tracking info, signed delivery and insurance ( optional ).

3.4 Please make sure that all of your delivery information ( zip code, address, name and phone number ) is correct. Missing information will lead to big delays.

4. Delivery charges & import tax

4.1 We offer flat rate shipping for small items like dials and LED kits. The cost is 22 EUR. For larger or heavier items, you will get individual quote.

4.2 All orders shipped to countries, that are not EU members, are subject to the final destination country’s taxes, tariffs and duties. These charges, based on actual item value ( invoice ), are not included in the quoted shipping charge and are to be paid by the customer upon delivery.

4.3 If you want to receive the item as a gift or low value item, you will be charged additional 20% of the total price.

5. Delivery time & package tracking

5.1 Continental Europa, 1-2 days

5.2 Rest of the world, 2-5 days

5.3 Exotic locations like Reunion Island or various villages in Oman - please ask

5.4 Tracking link : https://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.shtml

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