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1. Orders & Production ( lead ) time


1.1 The products from our catalog are usually NOT on stock, except for our gauge needles, LEDs, LED needles kits and electroluminescent foil kits. If we have stock items, you will see them listed on eBay or on our Facebook page, where they are offered for half price.

1.2 Our dials are made to order. We provide information about the current lead time on the product pages. Custom work can require some extra time. We will notify you by email if any of the products from Your shopping cart become unavailable.

1.3 The production ( lead ) time can be extended if there are official holidays. 


2. Order Statuses


Let us explain the different order statuses.

- pending - this is what You get when You complete your order, but the payment with PayPal was not successful. If You have made the payment via wire transfer from your bank account, You will see this order status until we get the money in our bank account. 

- processing order - this is what You see when You have completed your order and the PayPal payment was successful. If You have transferred the money from a bank account, You will get this order status, as soon as we get payment confirmation from our bank . From now on, you have 48 hours to cancel the order or to change order details if You think, that You made a mistake during the order process.

- item in production - You will see this status 48 hours after the order was processed. The “Item in production” status means, that You can not cancel the order or change order details anymore. This status will not change during the specified lead time!

- item sent - this status means, that your package was picked up by the shipping company and it will be send to you in the next days. This is the last order status, that You will recieve from our system. From this moment You can start counting delivery time ( see delivery times below )

- canceled - Order canceled.


3. Delivery company & service 

3.1 - We send all products from Bulgaria, European Union

3.2 - The shipping company is BULPOST ( The Bulgarian Post ).

3.3 - The service, that we use is called " Priority Airmail International "

3.4 - Shipping is recorded with package number available.

3.5 - You will get your package delivered by the local post company. Based on Your country’s customs regulations, You may have to visit customs in order to recieve the package ( not valid for EU members )!

3.6 – We deliver only to PayPal verified addresses. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or 3rd party addresses!

3.7 - We have the right to refuse delivery to some locations.

3.8 – Please make sure that all of your delivery information is correct as Xtuners Studio is not responsible for lost packages due to incorrect delivery data.


4. Delivery charges


4.1 Shipping rates are calculated only during the checkout. If You try to checkout and pay and no delivery charges appear on Your bill, maybe Your country is excluded from the shipping list. If there is no shipping available to Your country, please contact us.

4.2 We offer only weight based shipping

4.3 Delivery charges for the different geo zones can be found below. Please note that all amounts are in EURO. If you wish to know the prices in your local currency please use a currency converter such as www.xe.com:

- European Union - up to 1 kg. - 6.50 EUR , up to 3 kg. - 10.50 EUR, up to 10 kg. - 20 EUR

- Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina - up to 1 kg. - 2.50 EUR , up to 3 kg. - 4.50 EUR, up to 10 kg. - 15 EUR

- USA and Canada - up to 1 kg. - 6.50 EUR , up to 3 kg. - 10.50 EUR, up to 10 kg. - 20 EUR

- Rest of the world ( some countries are excluded ) - up to 1 kg. - 8.00 EUR , up to 3 kg. - 12.50 EUR

4.4 All orders shipped to countries, that are not EU members, are subject to the final destination country’s taxes, tariffs and duties. These charges, based on the declared value of international orders, are not included in Xtuners Studio quoted shipping charge and are to be paid by the customer upon delivery.


5. Delivery time


5.1 The delivery time below can vary. During the summer holiday months, the delivery time can be longer. During holidays, like Christmas and Easter, all shipping companies worldwide get very busy and this makes delays possible.

5.2 Delivery time for the different geo zones: ( based on our experience in the last 2 years )

- Former Yugoslavia - normal range - 3-12 workdays

- Europa ( EU Members + non members ) - normal range - 4-12 workdays

- USA and Canada - normal range - 10-20 workdays

- Rest of the world - normal range - 4-18 workdays

5.3 After You receive the "Item sent" order status , You can start counting delivery time. The time for production ( lead time ) does NOT count towards the delivery time!


6. "Item not received" claims

6.1 "Item not received" claims in PAYPAL are highly unappreciated during the production time of the goods or within the normal delivery time. Respect our lead time and the delivery time from section 5! PAYPAL claims will NOT help in any way and will NOT solve any problems. We reserve the right to start legal actions against incorrect buyers in order to prevent or to recover a loss! 

6.2 In case of not delivered packages in the coresponding timeframe from section 5 “ Delivery time ”, both seller and buyer should contact the couriers in their own country and ask for information about the missing package. If the package can not be located and does not arrive in the next 2 weeks, the buyer can apply for a refund or we can just send another item.

6.3 Fraud will not be tolerated! Such cases will be redirected to lawyers!


7. Package tracking


7.1 We can provide a tracking number for every package.The tracking number has 13 digits and looks like this one: RI021382058BG

7.2 Use your tr. number on tracking websites like http://www.track-trace.com/post

7.3 How to use www.track-trace.com :

- first type the provided tr. number in the field and then press "Track with options". See image:



- new page will load and You will see this on the top of it:



- if You press the button "Bulgaria", You can check when the item was picked up and when the package left Bulgaria. The status "Insert item in a bag and send abroad" means, that the package has already left Bulgaria.

- Press the button "Select country"

- This page will load:



– Select your country from the list

- You will be redirected to a new page, probably the website of your local post company, where you can find all available tracking information:


7.4 Track-Trace.com is not a shipping company. This is just a site for tracking packages.

7.5 Some post companies do NOT allow online tracking or You can not track the packages with the provided tr. number. When the package arrives at the destination country, it can get another tracking number. This is the reason why our tracking numbers do not work sometimes. If You see only limited tracking information, this doesn't mean, that your package was lost or something like this. They update the information only on check points and the information flow is kinda slow sometimes. Don’t panic, just relax and wait for new updates or call the hotline of your local post company for assistance.

Edit 2016:

Royal Mail delivers all packages in the UK. It is not Parcel Force anymore! Webtracking is available on this site - https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/