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With the introduction of our new price policy, individual orders became expensive. Single sets or custom work have a price tag of minimum 200 EUR. Luckily there are still ways to get your new dials cheaper. Let us explain how to make this happen.


When somebody orders 5 or 10 sets, we automatically produce twice as much. Even if we make some mistakes and destroy a few sets during the manufacturing process, at the end of the day we will still have some extra sets for sale. We sell all these sets cheaper on our Facebook page or on eBay. They are usually offered for half price, which is around 100 – 120 EUR. On the Facebook page we also announce upcoming productions and group buys, where everyone can participate and pre-order items much cheaper. Follow the page and keep your eyes open for great deals:




Great deals for stock items may appear on eBay as well. Here is the link to the user profile:




We constantly try to extend our catalog with dials. We are interested to get dials from newer cars and also dials from popular tuner cars from the 90s and beyond. So here is another deal: Send us original dials ( or high resolution scan ), which are not in our product catalog and we will offer you up to 70% discount for new custom made dials. Read more about this offer and contact us, if you are interested: