Xtuners Online Shop



1. General


1.1 We welcome wholesale customers to our site. If you are interested in viewing and being a part of our wholesale program, there are a few steps to complete the process:


- Register with our store


- Let us know, that You want to participate in our wholesale program. Tell us a few words about your business.


- Once we have activated your dealer account, You will be able to log in with your email and password to view retail and wholesale pricing.


1.2 Some countries are excluded from our dealer program.




2. Requirements




2.1 There are no specific requirements for dealers. We can work with private resellers, car forums, tuning shops, reseller type online stores or wholesale distributors. Everyone is welcome.


2.2 We prefer to work with tuning shops, which have the Know How to upgrade automotive clusters.




3. MOQ


 3.1 There are no minimum order quantities.

3.2 Our discounts are based on your monthly sales. Check point 4 for details.




4. Dealer discounts




4.1 We offer special discounts to our  wholesale customers. Regular customers can not take advantage of the wholesale discounts.


4.2 Wholesale customers can not take advantage of special offers, which apply to regular customers.


4.3 Since we do not require minimum order quantities, your discount rate will be based on your sales per month.


4.4 Dealer accounts discount rates:


- level 1 dealers ( 2-3 units per month ) use 15% discount 


- level 2 dealers ( 3-9 units per month ) use 20% discount


- level 3 dealers ( 10-20 units per month ) use 30% discount


- level 4 dealers ( 20+ units per month ) use 40% discount


4.5 We can setup your account directly as level 2 or level 3, if we believe, that your business has potential. 


4.6 If your sales go down for long period of time, your account will drop down with one level which means less profitable discount rate.


4.7 Only level 4 dealers can apply for exclusive dealer rights.