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Latest news from August 2016: We finally managed to update our site!

The main shop website and the gallery were updated and we talk about a major update here. Unfortunately the old database was in very bad condition and it was not transferred to our new web platform. This is a brand new shop system and all order history and the old customer accounts were deleted. This is a fresh start for us, but all old obligations are still valid and we will continue our good and useful cooperation with our partners from all around the world.

It also important to mention that our complete product list was updated in August 2016. The old products were updated to meet the latest print standards. The old designs were replaced with new ones. In one word – you will get even better products from now on. Quality comes at a price, like people say! This is the reason for the price update – the first price update for the last 6 years. 

Our website is still in development. We work hard to make it better, but it takes time. Please be patient. Suggestions are welcome!

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