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Volkswagen Golf 4

This is a sample instruction that covers the most important details of upgrading the stock illumination and installing new dials in a VW Golf 4 gauge cluster

Difficulty Level :
If you have no technical skills at all, please find a professional shop to do the job instead of you. We do not take responsibility for damaged clusters!


To pull the cluster from the dash:

Step 1: Remove this small plastic part shown on the picture. Remove both screws.

Step 2: Unplug the blue and the green plugs.

Step 3: Remove all four screws marked with red on the picture. Remove the black plastic, which covers the stepper motors.

Step 4: Remove the plastic cover.

Step 5: There are 2 types of VW Golf 4 gauges - VDO and Motometer. Both manufactures use same type of stepper motors. This instruction is good for all types of VW gauges.

How to remove the needles:

Step 6: Mark the start position of each gauge needle. Gently push the needle anti clockwise, until it can not move any further and mark this position.
Remove the needles by rotating them in the reverse ( anti clockwise ) direction.

Step 7: We recommend to solder aftermarket SMD LEDs for the main illumination, gauge needles and displays. To do this, the white plastic part needs to be separated from the main board. There are a few clips that need to be unclipsed and you can separate both. Changing the SMDs is allways a good choise, because the ones installed from factory are not so bright. By doing this you will achieve an excellent, bright and even illumination. Test the gauge cluster before you move to the next step.

Replace the old dials with our dials.

Step 8: Reinstall the needles. Put them on 12 O'clock position and rotate them in the reverse direction until they reach the previously marked position. Don't push them all the way down. Make sure,there is enough clearance between the needle base and the dials.

Step 9: Reassemble the gauge cluster in the reverse order.

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