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Ford Fоcus MK2

This is a sample instruction on how to upgrade your Ford Focus MK2 gauge cluster with Xtuners plasma dials. This instruction is not accurate for gauge clusters with big LCD screen in the middle.

Difficulty Level : medium
If you have no technical skills at all, please find a professional shop to do the job instead of you. We do not take responsibility for damaged clusters!

Step 1: The gauges before the upgrade

Step 2: Separate the black cover from the cluster. A few clips hold both parts together.

Step 3: Mark the start position of each gauge needle. Gently push the needle anti clockwise until it can not move any further and mark this position.

Step 4: Remove the needles by rotating them in the reverse ( anti clockwise ) direction.

Step 5: When upgrading to plasma dials, the factory SMD LEDs are not needed any more. It makes no sense to remove them at this stage. Use some insulation tape to cover them completely.

Step 6: Bore a small hole for the cables like shown on the picture.

Step 7: Position and double tape the new dials.


Step 8: Reinstall the needles. Put them on 12 O'clock position and rotate them in the reverse direction until they reach the previously marked position. Don't push them all the way down. Make sure,there is enough clearance between the needle base and the dials.

Step 9: Plasma dials need 12 Volt power to work. You can connect the power inverter like shown on the next picture. The black cable is ground and the other one is 12 Volt Plus. If the cable colors do not match, you need to find 12 volt plus ( when the lights are ON ) and ground.


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