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Honda Prelude 4th gen

This instruction covers the installation of Xtuners plasma dials and needle glow kit in a Honda Prelude 4G cluster. Difficulty level - " Hard "! Use it on your own risk.

Step 1:

Step one is about removing the screws marked on the picture.

Step 2:

Unclips the cover and remove it.

Step 3:

Remove the screws marked on the picture.

Step 4:

Remove the stock dials. If you do not plan to install an upgrade kit for the needles, please skip steps 5-7 and go to step 8

Step 5:

At this time, you do not have access to both coils and their drive shafts. This is the reason why you have to dismount the gauges first. Remove all six screws , which connect both coils to the electric circuit. Pull down the black plastic part like shown on the picture. Separate the coils from the lexan.

Step 6:

Here comes the tricky part - needles removal ...!
You have to hold the drive shaft and rotate the needle at the same time ( right <-> left , left <-> right ...until it gets loose! ). You will feel when it is lose, and then you can pull up while rotating. Remember - you need to hold the drive shaft all the time. The drive shaft itself does NOT have to move to the right, left or up!!!

If you pull the needle together with the drive shaft ....That means, that you are already in deep trouble! You will need to buy another cluster. We do not recommend you to do this if you have no experience with stuff like this.

Step 7:

We decided to install 2 SMD LEDs  in blue color over the analogue counters. On stock clusters they are not illuminated very well. This will change soon  after installing this SMD plate.

Step 8:

Ok. This is the most important part of the installation. The Prelude cluster is relative small. There is not much room for the wires and plasma dials connectors. This is why you have to cut the lexan in order to fit the plasma foil connectors. If you skip step 8 or do that wrong, you will have a dead glow foil in just a few hours after installation. Our plasma dials have 3 connectors. On two of the pictures , we show the areas, which need to be removed. Using a tool, like a mini grinder will save you lots of time.

The installation of the LED rings is easy. See on the next picture how they need to be placed. Read the full installation instruction for our Needle Kits, if you need additional info.

Step 9:

Find a good spot, where all wires can go out.

Step 10:

Also an important step! One of the wire connectors still touches the cover. It will probably get damaged if you don't remove some of the plastic around it. See picture. Check the front black cover too! If necessary ..cut it to make some room for the connector!

Step 11:

I guess this is it. Connect the plasmas and LEDs like this:

LED Kit wiring:

these 2 SMD LEDs for the odometer can be connected to the glow rings for the needles in this case.

Plasma Dials wiring:

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