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Mercedes W124 - How To Fit Plasma Dials

This is a sample instruction, which has to give you an idea how to upgrade your Mercedes W124 gauges with Xtuners plasma dials.

Difficulty Level : easy

If you have no technical skills at all, please find a professional shop, which can to do the job instead of you. We do not take responsibility for damaged clusters!

This is how the cluster looks like in its original condition. The idea is to maintain the stock vision, but to upgrade at the same time to back lit gauges.

Step 1:
Remove all screws, which are marked with red on the picture

Step 2:
Remove the clock.

Step 3:
Separate the gauges from the plastic cover.

Step 4:
Now you have access to the gauges. Ready to remove the needles?

Step 5:
Let's start with the left sector. Before you pull out the needles, mark their rest positions. You may have a little problem with the one for the oil pressure, because of the stop pin. Try to move it over the pin, or just remember the upper stop position, which is the mark on number 3. To remove all 3 needles , just rotate them in the reverse ( anti clockwise )direction.

Step 6:
Now let's move to the speedometer needle. First move it over the rest pin. W124 gauge clusters have a mark for the speedometer needle. The needle must stop on this mark every time. This is where you have to install the needle later. This how to reinstall the needle -----> After you install it, push it back to 180 km/h and let it go all the way down. If it stops on the mark , the correct speed will be shown. If it does not stop there, pull the needle out, reinstall it on a different position and try again. You will feel when the position is right. IMPORTANT - the gauges need to be upright during the reinstall of the speedometer needle.

Step 7:
Pull the needle out with 2 tea spoons.

Step 8:
RPM gauge. Nothing difficult here. Pull up both clock needles. Rotate the rpm needle in the reverse direction, just like the 3 small needles before. The rest position here is on zero RPM.

Step 9 :
Unscrew all screws marked with red on the picture. Then remove the old dials.

Step 10:
There is a small plastic part, marked with red on my picture, which you need to cut away.

Step 11:
Install the plasma dial. Put the RPM needle on zero and both clock needles on 12 O'clock , like shown on the picture.

Step 12:
Left sector. Look at the pictures below. There are a few parts on the plastic base, marked with red, which need to be removed. The new plasma dials are much thicker then the stock dials. If you leave the base like it is, your new dials will not sit right.

Step 13:
Install the speed dial first. The cable goes between the coils to the left.

Step 14:
Then install the last dial. Put all needles on the previously marked positions.

Step 15:
Take the plastic cover. Clean it. Now find a good place to make 2 small holes on each side ..just enough for the cables to go out.

Step 16:
Reassemble the gauge cluster. This is how it looks now. Make sure, that the odometer reset button works fine.

Step 17:
Secure the wires with double sided tape or insulation tape. This is a security measure to prevent you from pulling the wires during wiring, which can cause damage to the plasma dials connectors.

Step 18:
Now lets start with the wiring process. Each glow foil has a plus and minus wire. In this case we have 3 glow foils , with 3 minus and 3 plus wires. It doesn't really matter how you connect the wires at this step. The glow foils have no polarity and if you change positive and negative, they will work anyway. An electroluminescent foil is not going to work, only in case, that you connect its own plus and minus wires with each other.

Step 19:
Here is a picture of the power inverter. You see there are 3 plugs with connectors. Since we do not offer the female connector at this time, you have to make the connection between plasma dials and power inverter permanent. Pick one of the 3 white wires ( some inverters have just one plug or more them 3 plugs ). You can use them all, if you think it is better for you. Cut the connector. Connect the white wire with the plasma dials. There is again no polarity here ... doesn't matter how you connect the wires, the plasma dials will get power. Solder the wires. USE PROPER INSULATION MATERIALS!!!!

Step 20:
The only thing left to do, is to supply the inverter with 12 Volts power. The Red wire is plus, the black one - ground. As a 12V power source, you can use a bulb slot. In this case, we recommend you to power the dials from the lights switch.

Step 21:
Good job! Enjoy the final result.


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