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This is a sample instruction to provide usefull information on how to upgrade your Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION gauge cluster with Xtuners plasma dials.

Difficulty Level :
If you have no technical skills at all, please find a professional shop to do the job instead of you. We do not take responsibility for damaged clusters!

This is the Lancer gauge cluster in it's stock condition.

Step 1:

Remove the transparent lexan shield first, then remove the black plastic cover.

Step 2:

Remove the needle rest pins for both big needles. Gently push the needle anti clockwise, until it can not move any further and mark this position with a pencil. Later you have to install each needle on this mark.

Step 3:

If you have no test bench to power the gauge cluster on the table you will have to to adjust the small gauge needles after you connect the cluster in your car.

To do this , follow these steps:

Plug the gauge cluster. Start the engine. Let the engine run until it reaches the normal working temperature. Mark the positions of the gas needle and the temperature needle with a pencil ( you can shoot some photos aswell, just in case, that you erase the pencil mark somehow ). You have to install the needles later on the marked positions. Repeat the same steps (warming up the engine) during re-installation and/or calibration.

Step 4:

There is another thing you have to do, before you fit the new dials. If you install plasma dials, you will need to make some room for the connectors and wires. You need to cut out some of the plastic (area is marked on the picture) .. just enough to prevent connector bending, which means damage to the glow foils. The use of a mini grinder tool will save you a lot of time. Make sure the connectors have room around them and nothing bends them!!! Double check! During the assembly of your gauge cluster, check if the plastic cover will bend the connectors, when closed. If yes, cut it..

Edit 2016: The latest plasma dials for the Lanver EVO have smaller connectors and maybe you can just skip this step.

Step 5:

Pull up all needles, using two tea spoons.

Step 6:

Clean the lexan base from the remaning glue.


Step 7:

 Position the new plasma dials. Use the double sided tape on the reverce side of the dials to secure them on the lexan base. Don't touch the dials surface. Use gloves during this install. Check if the gauge cover will eventually bend the plasma dials connectors. If there is such a posibility, then trim some of the plastic that can bend the connectors just to make sure there is enough free space around the wires. Connect the plasma dials plugs to the plugs on the power inverter side.

Step 8:

Install both big gauge needles on the marked positions in step 2. Repeat what you did in Step 3 when adjusting the gas and temperature gauge needles. If the gauges show the correct readings put back the gauge needles rest pins. Clean and close the gauge cluster. Do not clean the dials with water or any solvent. Use only clean and dry microfiber cloth!!!

Step 9:

From the power inverer side connect the red wire to Plus 12 volt and the black wire to ground. Connect the plus wire to the lights switch circuit or directly to the wire harness that powers the gauge cluster. Do not connect our power inverter to any of the bulb slots on the main board of the gauge cluster itself. If you have any questions you can contact us or leave a comment in the comments section.


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