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LED Needles Kit - How to install

The installation of this kit is easy and requires only basic knowledge about electronics, but may require the use of some tools like mini grinder for example. Different gauge clusters require different methods of installation. Here is one example on how to do it if the dials sit on a lexan base:

Step 1:

Remove the gauge needles! Needles removal is necessary in order to install the LED boards. Have a closer look at your needles and try to understand how the base reflects the light to the top of the needle. Only if you understand how this works you will be able to choose the best position for the LEDs.
This is important for the small needles,because our small LED circuit boards have only two LEDs, which need to be positioned on the exact spot, or the needles will not be illuminated as good as they should!

Step 2:

Bore a small hole for the cables in the lexan base. There are no rules or right or wrong in this step... just make sure the
cables go trough the base and do not touch any of the mechanical parts on coil. Handle the cables gently and make sure they do not lift the LED circuit board on the side where they are soldered on the board. It is necessary to remove the dials in most cases. In some installations, the LEDs can be placed UNDER the lexan base. Do what works best for you.


Step 3:

Double tape or glue our LED circuit board on the lexan. Make sure that the LED kit is centered around the coil axis ( needle drive shaft ) before you glue it. Try the kit with the dials before you glue it. Some dials have really small cutouts for the needles and you may have difficulties installing the needles kit. If you can not make the dials cutout bigger, then install the kit under the lexan base or on top of the dials.

Step 4:

Reinstall the gauge needles. Make sure the needles move smooth! If everything is ok, the LEDs will be covered from the needle base. The needle base does NOT have to touch the LEDs.

Now the only thing left is to do the wiring. If you get the circuit boards with a grey cable, please check which end is marked with a red marker. All LEDs have polarity. The wire, marked with red is plus. You can connect the LED Kit
to one of the Bulb slots. Check this wiring diagram:

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