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1. LED Needle Kits


1.1 Q: What exactly is a needle kit?
 A: That needle kit is developed from our company to be used in older or new cars , which do not have stock LED illumination for the needles. This kit is nothing more then a circuit of micro LEDs and resistors.

1.2 Q: How do I install your needle kits?

 A: They have to be placed under the needle caps. Check the our forum topics for more details, please! www.xtuners.com/forum

1.3 Q: Do I need to remove the needles?

 A: Yes, you do!

1.4 Q: Is this kit good for all type of gauges?
 A: Yes, this kit is good for 99% of the gauges on the automobile market today. We have designed it with the idea to be used in all kind of gauges, which have transparent lexan needles. It can not be used with plastic non transparent needles..

1.5 Q: Will I be able to regulate the brightness?
 A: Yes, you will be able to adjust the brightness. The leds have a separate switch, but you can also use the stock brightness regulator if the vehicle has one.

1.6 Q: What colors are available?

 A: For now - only red or blue. We can produce custom color shift kit on request!

1.7 Q: What is the operating voltage range?
 A: 5-14,8 Volts

1.8 Q: Can I use the blue kit with my red painted needles?
 A: No, you can't. There are some basic rules: If You have white painted needles, the illumination colors red and blue are possible without any mods. If You have for example red painted needles, You can order only the red illumination kit, that will only make the needles glow stronger. in case of red needles, color change is not possible , unless You modify the needles.