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Ford Fоcus MK1 - вграждане на плазмени циферблати

This is a sample instruction, which has to give you an idea how to upgrade your Ford Focus MK1 gauges with Xtuners plasma dials.

Difficulty Level : medium
If you have no technical skills at all, please find a professional shop, which can to do the job instead of you. We do not take responsibility for damaged clusters!

This instruction is for the coil type gauges, which are used in the earlier MK1 models. Latest MK1s are equipped with stepper motor type clusters. If you have one of these clusters, you better read the instruction for the Focus MK2. It will guide you how to remove the needles.


Step 1:

The first thing to do, is to remove the black front cover. A few clips are holding both parts together... some modifications also have a few screws, which need to be unscrewed.


Step 2:

Ok ..now the needles removal part. You can't remove all needles just like that, because the needles have no start positions and they will show wrong values later. First of all, remove all needle rest pins. When done, please go back to the car and plug the gauge cluster. Start the engine .. let it run until it reaches the normal working temperature... maybe until the cooling fan starts. Then you need to mark the position of the gas and temperature needles. Then just stop the engine. You will see all needles go down to their rest positions. Now turn the ignition on, without starting the engine. Both big needles will move up. When they stop moving, mark the position of each gauge needle. Job done! Later, you will repeat most actions in step 2 and you will install all needles on the previously marked positions.


Step 3:

Time to pull the needles. Take 2 small tea spoons. Use the spoons to pull up the needles.

Step 4:

You can only remove the dials, if you remove the LCD button first. Gently press together its bottom part and pull up.

Step 5:

Remove the stock dials. Clean all the dirt and glue from the lexan base. Test fit the new dials. If you are installing plasma dials, you need to check if the wire connectors have enough room around them. Make sure nothing bends them. Cut out some plastic if necessary to make more room for the wires. You need to cut the black cover too, because the connectors can not go out.


Step 6:

Time to repeat the procedure in step 2. Warm up the engine, ...while working, install the small needles on the previously marked positions. With the engine off and ignition on, install the big needles on the marked positions. Don't press them all the way down .. leave them enough space to "breathe". Secure the cluster and take the car for a spin. If the needles show correct values, you can go to step 7.

Step 7:

Connect you plasma dials (see universal instruction on how to connect plasma dials). Now you only have to connect the power inverter to 12V and you are done. A light bulb slot or the headlights switch, can be used as a source of 12 Volt power.


When assembling the gauges and putting the cluster back in the car, please be careful with the plasma dials connectors and wires!!!