up to 70% discount

We offer up to 70% discount if you send us dials, that are not in our product catalog.

We prefer to get the stock dials with the post, but if this is not possible you can just scan your factory dials and send them per Email.

Please talk to us, before you send a scan, because this discount is not valid for all cars | dials models.

Here is write up on how to scan your dials using your scanner with the default software. We use Cannon Scanner and Presto Page Manager 7 to make high resolution scans.

Step 1: Start the Software. Press the button PDF or OCR. The first one will scan and save the image as a PDF file and the second one as .jpg! We prefer PDF files.

Step 2: Put the dials in the center of the scan area. If you have more than one dial to scan, please make separate scans of each dial.

Step 3: Close the scanner. Press the "Preview" Button.

Step 4: Set the frame to fit only the dials and NOT the whole scan area. This will reduce the output image size!

Step 5: Set the "Output Resolution" to 600 DPI. If the output file is too large, scan again on 300 DPI or 400 DPI resolution. Less then 300 DPI is not good.

Step 6: Make sure that all warn lamps are visible. If they are not, try to turn "ON" the option "Auto tone". Also Scan in "Color" mode and NOT in "Grey Scale"

Step 7: Press the "Scan" Button and wait.

Step 8: When the scanning is completed choose "Retouch and save".

Step 9: Rename the file.

Step 10: This is the most important part. Use the option "Original size" and "Normal Compression". This will save the image in real size and in excellent quality.

Step 11: Press "OK". Job done! Now Email us the PDF file and we will take care of the rest.

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