Mitsubishi Colt, Mirage Asti Cyborg CJ4A 300 km/h Ralliart dials

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  Mirage-Colt-300
  • Availability:  Produced on request
  • Lead time: 30 days


  • Quantity Discount

  • 5 or more 100.00€ for each set
  • 10 or more 80.00€ for each set


Introducing our dials specifically designed for the conversion of the 180 km/h JDM Mitsubishi Colt, Mirage Asti Cyborg CJ4A gauge cluster to 300 km/h.

These dials are crafted using high-grade 0.5 mm polycarbonate through meticulous screen printing. We are proud to present an improved version with enhanced features:

Firstly, we have resolved the issue of bad alignment that was present in the original RPM scale. Our dials boast perfect alignment, ensuring accurate readings and a precise display.

Secondly, we have addressed the problem of color fading caused by sun exposure on the original dials. Our solution involves incorporating a UV blocking overprint varnish, effectively protecting against fading and minimizing the visible aging process. We have paid great attention to matching the original color tones of brand new dials, gloss level, and metallic flake effect of the silver ink.

For optimal results, we recommend replacing all three dials, rather than just the speedometer dial, if your current dials show any signs of aging or sun damage. Our dials are optimized to work seamlessly with the factory bulb illumination, and we have actually improved the nighttime illumination compared to the OEM dials. For detailed instructions on converting to a 300 km/h speedometer, please refer to the FAQ section dedicated to this product.

Upgrade your Mitsubishi Colt, Mirage Asti Cyborg CJ4A gauge cluster with our meticulously crafted dials, where functionality, durability, and style come together to enhance your driving experience.

Please note: This product includes the dials only and does not include any additional components or accessories.

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Question: Which dials can I use to convert my 180 km/h JDM speedometer?

Answer: For the conversion of your 180 km/h JDM speedometer, you can install a 180 km/h to 180 mph converter. Once installed, the 300 km/h Ralliart speedometer will be suitable for converting the readings to kilometers per hour. Please note that after installing the converter, the ODO will start counting in miles. For more information on the installation process, please refer to our detailed installation instructions: click

Question: Do you provide km/h to MPH converters?

Answer: Yes, we offer converters for the EVO 4, 5, and 6 models. You can find them in the related products section.

Question: Is EEPROM programming available for the 300 km/h speedometer? I prefer not to use a converter.

Answer: We offer preprogrammed EEPROM chips with authentic Ralliart 300 km/h software. Additionally, we provide mileage adjustment services. You can find the EEPROMs in the related products section below.

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