Gauge needles SMD LED illumination

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  gauge-needles-LED-illumination
  • Availability:  2-4 days lead time


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This is the one and only custom made gauge needles illumination kit, invented by Xtuners back in 2007. The kit consists of circuit boards with soldered micro SMD LEDs and a dimmer. We do not send gauge needles with this kit!!! Please check the images in this listing to find out the exact size of the LED boards and make sure they will fit under the gauge needle base. If you wonder how to install the parts properly, you can visit our Facebook page and check the installation topics.

Please note:

- our kit is designed to provide more powerful illumination to the gauge needles

- it is necessary to remove the gauge needles during the installation

- this upgrade kit can be used only with glow gauge needles, made of lexan. Gauge needles made out of metal or light blocking plastic will not work with our product

- we offer many color options. If your gauge needles are red , you can use only the red or amber kits. If you want any other color, you will have to repaint the stock gauge needles

- our kit with color change option will work only with white gauge needles


This is the original product, invented by Xtuners. It can be purchased only on this website! Our kit is tested and is safe to use! It is produced in Europe with high quality parts. It is unique and has nothing to do with the cheap Chinese copies sold on Ebay and other sites. These copies have extremely low quality and can damage the electronics of your vehicle. Do not take the risk! It is not worth it!

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