Toyota Supra MK4 preface TRD authentic dials

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150.00€ for one set

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 These dials are replicas of the preface Toyota Supra TRD dials. The front is 100% authentic. On the reverse side there is no printed light reduction raster, which makes the dials perfect for quality LED upgrades.

When you place your order please note following:

- we offer the option to choose between authentic TRD PPM meter and and regular non TRD RPM meter. There is a difference between both of them. The position of the marks is not the same on both, which makes them incompatible. If you have a non TRD Supra with the standard OEM RPM meter and you install the TRD authentic dials, the readings between 5000 and 10000 RPM will not be accurate if don't make any adjustments to the electronics. Check graphic 1.

- self illuminating plasma dials with white color have a light blue or light green tint. They are not 100% white glow during night time.

- make sure that you select the model with corresponding warn light icons. As you know there are 2 versions with different warn lights on them.

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