Mercedes SL R107, C107 Sportline dials

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Introducing our carefully crafted dials designed specifically for the Mercedes SL R107, C107 Sportline:

These dials are screen printed on high-quality 1mm non-bendable polycarbonate, ensuring durability and a precise fit. The semi-matte overprint varnish adds a touch of elegance to the dials, providing both protection and a subtle sheen. To pay homage to the vintage charm of the Mercedes SL R107, C107 Sportline, we have intentionally reduced the print quality slightly, giving the dials an authentic old-school appearance. The fonts and all other intricate details on the dials remain fully authentic, capturing the essence of the original design.

This product stands apart from the competition in the global market. Many other companies lack the correct technology and process to produce dials for classic Mercedes Benz cars. With our attention to detail and precise craftsmanship, we offer a solution that is unparalleled in authenticity and quality.

Elevate your Mercedes SL R107, C107 with our carefully crafted dials, where timeless style meets unmatched craftsmanship.

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