Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R NISMO style 180 MPH plasma dials

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  Pulsar-GTI-R-180-MPH
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  • Lead time: 2-5 days

180.00€  200.00€ for one set

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Introducing our exclusive Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R NISMO Style 180 MPH Plasma Dials, meticulously crafted to enhance your driving experience.

Crafted specifically as plasma dials, our Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R dials represent the pinnacle of style and functionality for this model. Inspired by Nismo’s iconic black, red, and white theme, these dials feature a sleek semi-gloss honeycomb pattern, ensuring a sporty and dynamic appearance.

During nighttime drives, enjoy the crisp illumination of pure white light, customizable to suit your preference with adjustable light power settings. For those seeking personalized flair, we also offer a variety of other illumination colors to match your unique style.

Elevate your Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R’s interior aesthetics with our plasma dials, where precision meets style for an unparalleled driving experience.

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Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R NISMO style plasma dials

Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R NISMO style plasma dials...

180.00€ 200.00€

We produce the Nissan Pulsar | Sunny GTI-R dials as plasma dials, which is definitely the best optio..

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