Honda Prelude 97-01 5th gen custom EDM RGB LED gauge cluster

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We offer for sale a complete Honda Prelude 97-01 5th gen EDM RGB LED converted gauge cluster.

This plug and play item is in immaculate condition, thoroughly tested and calibrated on a test bench. Each gauge cluster is individually built for every customer. Here's what you need to know about this product:

- Our product is built to last. We have developed and produced most of the necessary parts for this upgrade in our own shop, ensuring the quality of all components involved in this build.

- This gauge cluster can be installed in any 5th gen Prelude. It is specifically designed for European Preludes with an H22 engine and speedometer in kilometers. However, it works perfectly fine in Canadian and Australian Preludes as well. Please note that this gauge cluster does not support 4WS and cruise control. If your vehicle has these options, you will need to swap the flex board and all warning lights foils from your original gauge cluster.

- The odometer can be adjusted to match the total mileage of your car, providing accurate readings. The dials are designed in the distinctive blue/white Xtuners Design. You have the option to choose between OEM or SiR Type S YELLOW color for the gauge needles. Additionally, we offer professional respraying of the OEM rings in a ghost silver metallic color.

- The illumination is provided by RGB LED lights, offering a wide range of colors. The gauge needles, however, do not change color. The main illumination is achieved through a custom-made RGB LED board, and you can select from 20 different colors to suit your preferences.

Please note that the transparent lexan shield is not included with this product. You will need to use the existing shield from your original gauge cluster. Experience enhanced visibility and a striking visual upgrade with our Honda Prelude 97-01 5th gen EDM RGB LED converted gauge cluster. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of our product for a seamless and impressive transformation of your Prelude's instrument cluster.

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