Honda Prelude 97-01 5th gen SiR Type S 13K USDM dials

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These dials for the 97-01 Honda Prelude are designed with 13K rev meter and extended speedometer scale. They are good for high revving built engines. To make this kit work in your car, you will need the rev meter from the automatic transmission gauge cluster. All you need to do is to install the new rpm dial on the auto rev meter and you will have fully functional and accurate 13K rev meter. You can use the speedometer from your own gauge cluster, so you don't have to worry about mileage adjustment. The design copies the rare JDM SiR Type S dials design.

These dials for the 5th gen 97-01 Honda Prelude BB5-9 are designed to work with electroluminescent glow foils ( plasma dials ), SMD LED stripes, quality LED bulbs or custom made LED boards. If you don't plan to invest a lot of time and money in this upgrade, we would recommend you to work with the plasma dials version + some quality LED bulbs for the gauge needles illumination. Please note, that our dials are not some cheap overlays, that will be installed over the factory dials. Our dials fully replace the oem dials and therefore you need to remove the gauge needles during the installation process.

For more images of our Prelude dials and upgraded gauge clusters, please check this gallery: click here

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