Honda Prelude 4th gen BB1-2-3-4 dials for the EL gauge cluster

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These dials will only fit in the Honda Prelude BB1-4 digital EL gauge cluster. They are designed with the idea for easy illumination color change. If you don't like the aqua blue illumination color of the OEM dials , we can offer a solution. This aqua green color comes from the dials. They have aquamarine blue color layer printed on the backside. The light behind the dials is white and you if replace the OEM dials with our dials you can choose that color from the options list. If you choose transparent layer , the light will be white, if you choose blue - the illumination will be blue. You get the idea. 

We offer the dials in two designs. The first one is OEM as you know it, but with the option to choose the illumination color. The second design is made by Xtuners. It is the same as factory with the difference that a thin red stripe was added to provide more sporty look.

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