Toyota MR-S, MR2 Spyder, Roadster W30 dials

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  MR-2-W30-TRD-carbon
  • Availability:  In Stock
  • Lead time: 2 days

150.00€  180.00€ for one set


Introducing our carbon pattern Toyota MR2 W30 dials, featuring the stock design with enhanced features.

Designed specifically for LED conversions, these dials do not include the orange layer on the backside, allowing for improved compatibility with LED lighting systems. Our dials boast superior print quality compared to stock dials, ensuring sharp and clear markings. To enhance longevity, the inks are protected with a UV overprint varnish, providing durability against wear and fading. Additionally, the rev meter in our version extends up to 10,000 RPM, catering to the needs of performance enthusiasts.

Tags: Toyota,MR-S,MR2,Spyder,Roadster,W30

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