Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION 7 8 9 CT9A UK Ralliart dials + LED upgrade kit

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280.00€ for one set

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This offer is for our new LED upgrade kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 8 9 CT9A short scale model. The product, which was introduced on 10.10.2019 will replace the previous versions and will remain the one and only option to upgrade your gauge cluster. The dials have the OEM design, but we offer you the chance to order completely customized version, that will meet your specific requirements. You can change the dials color, illumination color, you can add logos on the dials, you can order extended speedometer or RPM scale... basically we will redesign the dials to correspond to your personal style.

How was the kit developed:

We get a lot of feedback from the EVO community. Based on this feedback we developed our LED upgrade kit with the idea to offer more customization options.

What do you get in the kit:

- LED board for the main illumination WITH DIMMER

- LED boards for the gauge needles
- new dials, that can be fully customized. We will contact you to discuss the details, but basically we offer unlimited options.
- color filter for the odometer display
- some
auxiliary materials
- online instruction and full support. The instruction itself is available on our facebook page ( )
. The topic there is open for questions.

Why to upgrade to LED?

As mentioned above our kit will provide more customization options. The OEM bulb illumination has limited potential, because you can have only orange or red light. There is no option to regulate the light power as well. The next best option is to upgrade the gauge cluster with plasma dials. This is not a bad option but there are a few disadvantages. For example you can not have pure white illumination. White electroluminescent glow panels have blue or green tint by default. Since we use only white glow panels for our projects, some illumination colors like yellow, pink, purple and green are hard to make or not possible at all. The plasma dials are also not maintenance free. Every 3-6 years you have to replace the glow panels and this will cost extra money.

The LED kits are totally different kind of upgrade parts. If designed properly they do not need any maintenance, they provide powerful dimmable light + unlimited color options. We hope this is enough to convince you.

You have no experience with such stuff?

No worries! We offer installation services with "next day" DLH delivery. We also offer pick up from your door. The offer from DHL is for worldwide shipping within 2 business days. Contact us for more information and shipping rates to your location.

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