Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 8 9 CT9A 300 km/h Ralliart S3 design dials + LED upgrade kit

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With this upgrade kit you can change the look of your standard Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 8 9 CT9A gauge cluster to Ralliart S3. The kit is good for all clusters with 260 km/h speedometer and 9K rev meter. We designed the dials with the idea to reproduce the Ralliart S3 authentic dials design and to make it possible to transfer this stylish look in the regular non Ralliart clusters. At the same time you get serious upgrade in terms of quality and illumination power, because we combine the S3 dials with our custom made LED board. Of course you don't have to waste time and money to reprogram your gauge cluster. Accurate readings are guarantied, because we did not change anything on the speedometer and RPM scales, except for the added linear extension ( we added a few marks after the end of the original scale ) and realignment. All warning lights from your factory dials have been transferred to the new S3 dials. Your gauge cluster will be fully functional after the upgrade. We reproduced the OEM colors and the typical semi gloss structured overprint varnish as good as possible. This offer does not include the gauge cluster itself. If you prefer to buy an upgraded, plug and play gauge cluster, please contact us.

What do you get in the kit:

- LED board for the main illumination WITH DIMMER

- LED boards for the gauge needles

- new dials in S3 design

- color filters for the odometer display

- some auxiliary materials like cutting templates, double sided tape and solder wire

- online instruction and full support. The instruction itself is available on our Facebook page ( ). The topic there is open for questions.

Why to upgrade to LED?

As mentioned above our LED kit will provide better overall quality and user experience. The factory illumination is not bright enough according to most EVO owners. There is no option to regulate the light power as well. Bulbs are not maintenance free. The LED kits are totally different kind of upgrade parts. If dеsigned properly they do not need any maintenance and they provide powerful illumination, which is also dimmable. We hope this is enough to convince you.

You have no experience with installing such parts?

No worries! We offer installation services with fast turn around time. We also offer collection from your door. Contact us for additional information.

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Georgios 12/06/2021

Ordered from Greece for EVO 8. Items were delivered very fast. Very good quality.

Alex 06/06/2021

I payed for complete conversion of my EVO 9 gauge cluster to S3. It was actually a spare cluster, which was collected from my address and shipped back to me after the upgrade was done. The gauge cluster was upgraded to LED. The mileage was adjusted to match the vehicle.

I am very happy with the work they did on my cluster.

Pros: shipping time, communication with seller, quality of the product itself

Cons: no cons :)

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