Speedometer KM/H to MPH CONVERTER | DELIMITER Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4 5 6

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  EVO-4-5-6-converter
  • Availability:  Temporarily out of stock
  • Lead time: 90 days



Speedometer KM/H to MPH CONVERTER | DELIMITER for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4, 5, 6, 6.5. Perfect for conversion from 180 km/h to 180 MPH or 300 km/h. Soldering on the flex board of the gauge cluster is required!!!

This converter is designed, produced and tested in EUROPA. This is high end item with no analogue in terms of quality!

What you should know about the Xtuners converter:

- it converts the speedometer readings from kilometers per hour to miles per hour ( km/h to MPH )

- the ODO will start counting the trip and total mileage in miles

- this is a delimiter at the same time. It will remove the 180 km/h top speed limit

- the output frequencies are controlled by microprocessor and the speedometer readings after conversion are very accurate

- it is a maintenance free item. Once installed, you forget that it is there

- our converter has over voltage protection

- our converter is sealed and can withstand bad weather conditions if installed outside of the car interior

- it has max size of 4x1 cm, which makes it the smallest converter on the market

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Wang 12/06/2021

Works good on my EVO 4 ! Thank you

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