Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5-6 CP9A Ralliart 300 km/h gauge cluster

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  EVO-5-6-Ralliart-300-gauge-cluster
  • Availability:  Temporarily out of stock

500.00€  650.00€ for one set


The offer is for the complete gauge cluster as you see it on the pictures. The cluster is in overall very good condition without broken tabs or cracks in the box. This is what you need to know about it:

This cluster was originally blue face Ralliart 180 MPH cluster, working with converter and it came from a UKDM car. It was cleaned and then fully refurbished. We replaced the factory blue dials with 300 km/h Xtuners dials. The ODOMETER was set to 000002, which is equal to factory reset. From this point it will count the trip and total mileage in miles. We replaced the old speedometer converter with a brand new one. This cluster is perfect for UK and US customers who would prefer the authentic Ralliart 300 km/h style, but still want to have the total mileage in miles for the service records. We offer free of charge mileage adjustment if you want the new cluster to show the original mileage of the vehicle.The cluster was calibrated on a test bench and will be delivered as plug and play item.

The authentic clusters have been discontinued long time ago and are hard to find these days. If you find one in the next years, you will have to pay 1200-1500 EUR plus shipping and import charges... all this for a cluster in unknown condition without legal warranty. If you want to save yourself the headaches, our offer is the next best for you. There is no analogue on the global market in terms of quality and no better reproduction of the original product. We offer 1 year legal warranty.

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Alejandro 06/06/2021

The cluster arrived, in perfect condition and works perfectly. Thank you very much for the professionalism and seriousness

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