BMW 3-Series E46 M3 300 km/h dials

  • Manufacturer:  Xtuners Tuning Studio
  • Product Code:  BMW-E46-M3
  • Availability:  Temporarily out of stock
  • Lead time: 60 days


  • Quantity Discount

  • 5 or more 100.00€ for each set
  • 10 or more 80.00€ for each set


What you should know about our BMW E46 M3 dials: 

1. The dials are produced in top quality, comparable only with OE dials. Nothing else sold online elsewhere can compete with our product. They replace the original dials and can be used to convert MPH gauge clusters to read kilometers per hour. Please note that we offer 2 versions of the dials. The only difference is in the high beam warning light, which is not the same for the Bosch and the Motometer version of the gauge cluster.

2. The front side replicates the authentic dials very well. Fonts, colors of the logo, grey color, warning lights area and everything else is perfectly reproduced. You can barely notice any difference.

3. We printed one additional layer on the backside, because we wanted to increase the opacity of the grey color a little bit. The grey layer of the OE dials is not very opaque and if you change the stock LEDs with aftermarket ones ( yellow or white ) the light power will increase and the light will penetrate the grey layer. With our dials you will not face this problem.

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