Mercedes E-Class W211 CDI 320 km/h AMG dials

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  • Product Code:  E-W211-CDI-6K-320
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Introducing our Mercedes E-Class W211 CDI 320 km/h AMG dials, crafted to replicate the iconic design of the E55 AMG, specifically tailored for tuned CDI cars. Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with these high-quality dials.

Featuring a maximum speedometer reading of 320 km/h and a rescaled rev meter that extends up to 6,000 rpm, these dials offer a solution for CDI tuners who desire an extended speedometer and rev meter range. Please note that reprogramming is required for both the rev meter and speedometer to display accurate values. Installation is made easier as these dials can be used with the OEM glow foils. Simply clean the old dials template with a solvent and attach the new dials using transparent double-sided tape for a secure fit.

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