Opel | Vauxhall Astra H, Zafira B OPC, VXR + all other models dials

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We cover all Opel | Vauxhall | Saturn Astra H, Zafira B models in MPH or KM/H. OPC, VXR, GTC, TDCI, VXD, 888, Nurburg Ring Edition, SRi, Arden Edition, Arctic Edition, Holden .. no matter what is installed in your car, we can supply you with replacement dials.


See the sample images only as examples of what we can do as a final design / product. The dials are nearly 99,9% OEM. They received a major design update in May 2016 and were improved mainly in their light distribution ( night time illumination ).  This is the final evolution of the dials... nothing else can be improved here! We also test every dial card on a test gauge cluster before we deliver it to the customer.

*** The 280 km/h dials are only good for diesel cars. Note , that 2 of the warnligh symbols have to be moved to another position like shown on the example picture!!!***

Our dials are in general perfect replacement dials for the people who like the OEM design but want some different illumination color and daytime look. Our dials will work with any illumination color like blue, white, green, pink, purple .. basically everything. You also have the chance to add a logo of your choice on every spot on the dials. There are also custom designs available for the people who want to stand out from the crowd.

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